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It’s time to support the financial futures of all college athletes. With NIL, college athletes have an incredible opportunity, and administrators, coaches, and collectives have a responsibility to help them maximize it.

That’s why Financial Finesse, the leading provider of unbiased financial coaching to professional athletes, created NIL Long Game—a financial literacy certification program designed to equip college athletes with the tools needed to maximize their endorsement deals and build the best financial futures for themselves.

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The NIL Long Game platform is available at no cost to all colleges, universities, and collectives.

The time is now to take decisive action to secure the financial futures of the athletes you support. Integrating NIL Long Game into your college or collective, and committing to making it a part of your culture, is one of the most powerful things you can do to differentiate your organization and empower your athletes.

Tips to maximize engagement

Fold NIL Long Game into required courses for student athletes

Get the entire Athletic Department on board (ADs, Coaches, etc.)

Share the platform link and encourage certification regularly (email, text, etc.)

Encourage certified athletes to spread the word to their peers

Create ambassadors by highlighting certified athletes (on your social accounts, in team communications, etc.)

Join NIL influencers in signing our pledge — and encourage athletes to do the same

With permission, share student success stories with us for amplification (on social, in the press, and on our podcast)

Highlight the platform at team meetings and encourage athletes to sign-up together

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As part of our commitment to bridging the financial literacy gap among college athletes, Financial Finesse is giving away five years of personal financial coaching to ten schools that have demonstrated an exceptional commitment towards NIL education.

At selected schools all student athletes, and their families, will have unlimited access to our best-in-class financial coaching line.

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“Making money is great, but it doesn’t stop there. How do you spend, save, and invest the money that you make? That’s what we’re here to teach.”

— JR Tolver, Former NFL player, Entrepreneur, and NIL Long Game contributor

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Athlete Licensing Company partnership

If you have a partnership with Athlete Licensing Company, your student athletes automatically receive unlimited access to Financial Finesse’s financial coaching line to support their success. Athlete Licensing Company supports colleges, universities, and collectives to effectively manage the NIL ecosystem, and to protect and accelerate the monetization of student athletes’ NIL rights.

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I recently learned about a new NIL and financial literacy certification course from Financial Finesse (https://www.financialfinesse.com), a trusted leader in providing unbiased financial coaching.

The certification is available to all colleges, universities, collectives, and student athletes at no cost.

I think our athletes who are earning money from NIL deals could really benefit from a program like this. Take a look and let me know what you think: